CCGNJ's six (6) productions on adolescent gambling:
Safe Bet – Adolescent Sports Gambling
The Big Win Movie
Done Deal – Support for Adolescent Gamblers/Adolescent Sports Gambling
Play to Win
Better Deal
Escape to Nowhere – Female College Gambling/Texas Hold ‘Em
News/Talk Shows Dealing with Compulsive Gambling:
CBS-2: Online Gambling
NJN News: Internet Gambling/Adolescent Gambling
NBC-4 Newschannel: Fantasy Football/Sports Gambling
Public Svc Program – Seeking Solutions w/Suzanne/Senior Gambling
Geraldo At Large/Adolescent Gambling
FOX5 – Geraldo At Large/Sports Gambling/Gretzky Scandal
Internet Sports Betting/Final Four/Geraldo At Large
CN8 – Money Matters Today with Joe Bissiceo/Sports Gambling/March Madness
NBC4 – Gambling Education/Health Curriculum
ABC7 – Adolescent Gambling
“Pool of Trouble” – Your Morning on CN8/Sports Gambling/Internet Gambling
2002 – CBS News – The Early Show/Senior Gambling
Your Morning
The Hidden Addiction
2003 - Channel 2 – Tony Caputo/Casino Gambling
2003 – Channel 2 – Tony Caputo/Sports Gambling/Internet Gambling
NJN – Internet Gambling/Adolescent Gambling
Family Talk with Mary Amaroso – Female Gambling/Casino Gambling
MSG Network -  Angles - Discusses Various Topics in Gambling with Panelist Ed Looney
Safe Bet - Movie
CNN - story on teen gambling ring taking place inside of a school.
Dateline Segment with Bob Costas interviews ex player who gambled inside of the sport.
Good Day NY – Show takes place live from Atlantic City, and discusses various issues on gambling in New Jersey.
Good Morning America – Segment discusses various issues on Teens who are struggling with Gambling Addiction.
Inside Edition – Bill O’Reilly piece on the growing addiction of Teen Gambling as well as signs that may lead to compulsive gambling.
NCAA Final Four – Interview with expert Ed Looney discussing one of the year’s biggest gambling weekends, the NCAA Final Four.
Gambling Seminar – CCGNJ Representative Ed Looney lectures on all issues of gambling addiction as well as the difficult road to recovery :
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Teen Gambling

ESPN News Sports Gambling

Teens Left in Casinos

Teenage Gambling - Why?

Teen Gambling Age Restriction Abuse

Personal Stories of Compulsive Gamblers

Senior Gambling

Teen Gambling

ABC Channel 7 - Online Gambling

Escape Gambler

Teen Gambling - Wanna Bet?

Sports Gambling Ring

Kentucky Athletics Seminar I

Kentucky Athletics Seminar II

Teen Gambling Sister Rosemary

Teen Gambling Jacki Walker

Ed Looney Grad Students Montclair
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Treatment for compulsive gambling
Part 1    Part 2