We have been helping problem and compulsive (pathological) gamblers and those affected by this illness since 1983. The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc. was one of the pioneers in the compulsive (pathological) gambling field and remains one of the leaders in providing professional and compassionate services to a wide range of audiences. We take no position neither for nor against legalized gambling. Our mission is to provide prevention, education and referral services to anyone affected by this illness.


Board of Directors:
Harvey R. Fogel, RPh, CCGC, President
Fred W. Hogan, CSW, CCGC, CCJP, Vice President
Anthony E. DeMarco, Secretary
Fred Andes, DSW, MPA, LCSW, Treasurer
Marilyn Blazovsky
Gary DiBartolomeo
Joyce F. Jackson, MA, LPC, LCADC, CSW, CMS
James S. Pappas
MaryAnn Rivell
Sylvia Colston Still, PhD
Council Staff:
Donald F. Weinbaum, MBA, LCADC, CJC, Executive Director
Terry Elman, MA, Education Coordinator
Jeffrey M. Beck, LPC, CCGC, JD, Clinical Coordinator
Shirley Ray, Treatment Coordinator/Bookkeeper
Alice L. Ostapiuk, Information Systems Specialist/Helpline Mgr.
Elaine Haines, Administrative Assistant/Helpline Coordinator
Legal Counsel:
Arthur Kamine, Esquire


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